Marcus Bowen

Hey there. I'm Marcus, called Arty, I still don't know why. I'm born a sunny day of August 1984.

I love Cigars, French people, Books, My 2 Birds and a lot of things, actually.

Fun Facts

  • JE PARLE FRANÇAIS - I love the French language and the French people. Whatever you hear about them is absolutely not true, they are truly fascinating people. I love them and actually, when I lived in Strasbourg for a couple of years, I was a "vaper", you know. And I was even making my own e-juice, thanks to this french website who has everything that's needed for beginners. And others of course, but as a beginner, I wanted to precise it.
  • I COLLECT VINYLS - I'm a little bit old-school for a lot of things and especially when it comes to music I love. I have over 1300 vinyl editions of my favorite bands. Old and also recent. I collect them since I'm a teenager and I have all range of music. I only listen to music this way, I guess I like the sound.
  • I ALSO COLLECT ANIMALS - My house is a total paradise for all the animals that wants to come in. I live in a lovely little house almost in the middle of the forest with two dogs, one cat, a turtle and bird. That's permanently. And from time to time, we receive a little squirrel or some dude that lives here in the forest.

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